About us

CryptoWolf is a cross-chain non custodial next generation exchange platform, a leading Fintech company incorporated in Bulgaria back in 2018.
After years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency, this robust platform was released to flip the tables once and for all in the way exchange takes place.

By utilizing ever evolving algorithms CryptoWolf has achieved the impossible; make an exchange directly at market price at almost no time.
With privacy always in mind, personal data are never in any way shared with a third party and anonymity is something granted when using CryptoWolf.

Aligned with the recent GDPR ammendments, CryptoWolf aims to become the number one choice of people when it comes to fast and convenient crypto exchanges.
Anastasios Chamouridis, Co-Founder & CEO of CryptoWolf has a team of talented and devoted engineers who constantly upgrade the infrastructure of this perfectly crafted platform.