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CryptoWolf’s Affiliate Program

How does the affiliate program work?

• Get a personal affiliate link and share it anywhere on the internet or place CryptoWolf’s widget on your site.
• Choose your commission.
• A user makes an exchange via your link or widget.
• Once the transaction is finished, you receive 70% of your chosen commission.
• Convert your earnings to BTC or ETH and withdraw them to your wallet (minimum 0.1BTC).

Getting a reward

• We use a 70/30 lifetime revenue-share model with our affiliates. That means that you receive 70% of your chosen commission, forever!
• Minimum payout is 0.1 BTC.
• Withdraw fast and simple using our Payout Button.

Important: we don’t make payouts if you

• use the links to exchange money by yourself;
• use CryptoWolf’s brand name in a domain or copy our site in any form;
• advertise on our brand name.

Affiliate Dashboard

• Once you become a partner of our Affiliate program, we provide you with a special Dashboard in which you can track down all the transactions that are made through your Widget.
Also, you can see the status of each transaction and the commission you earn from each one. Furthermore, your commission is always shown in BTC, nevertheless, you can convert it to ETH and get paid in ETH.

How we calculate your commission

• CryptoWolf’s standar fee is 0.5% for each transaction.
• When you become a partner of CryptoWolf’s Affiliate program, you choose an extra fee for each transaction. For example, if you choose +1%, then the fee for each transaction will be 1.5%.
• With our 70/30 plan, you will receive 70% of the extra fee you chose. For example, if you choose +1%, then you will receive 70% of that extra fee.

How to withdraw

• Once a Partner of CryptoWolf’s Affiliate program, you will be asked in what currency you would like your Payouts to be, ETH or BTC. Nevertheless, you can still change your desired payout currency anytime you’d like.
• Minimum Payout is 0.1 BTC. Minimums are set so that you won’t lose all of your earnings during the transaction due to the network fees paid from your side.
• Use the Payout Button to start the process. It takes 10-12 hours.

Affiliate materials

• Affiliate Dashboard
• CryptoWolf’s Widget (one way of integration)
• CryptoWolf’s API (second way of integration)
• Social media announcements

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